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Introduced anisakids are also found during surgical intervention (resection of Accutane or intestines). With anisakiasis, diagnosis using serological methods is not carried out. Coproscopy does not reveal the disease. Specific drug treatment of anisakiasis has not been developed at this stage.

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A positive result is observed with the use of broad-spectrum anthelmintic Accutane drugs: mebendazole. This drug, which prevents protein synthesis in helminths, is almost not absorbed in the intestine and can accumulate in parasite larvae. Thiabendazole. The mechanism of action on helminths is not fully understood, but this low-toxic drug is effective in the fight against hookworm larvae. Albendazole, effective in the treatment of disease caused by the invasion of tapeworm larvae.

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The disadvantage of this therapy is the lack of clear regimens for taking the drug for anisakidosis, so the treatment of a sick person is carried out in short courses. With the development of complications, surgical intervention is performed. During the operation, the larvae are removed using an endoscope (it is important to remove them entirely). Since the head end of the parasite preserved in the body can provoke the appearance of new granulomas, the patient is monitored for a year. During this time, FGDS is performed every 4-6 months.

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